Donate Now to Our Spring 2020 Fundraiser!

A new year has begun, and March 14th isn't that far away... 

It's time to donate or get pied in the name of youth ministry! Are you up for the challenge?

National Pie Day is coming up on March 14th, so it's time once again for the TAG Pie Challenge!

Help us continue providing faith based, family friendly theatre in our community! 

The Rules Are...

Don't forget to include the link to the donation page: www.gofundme.com/tagpiechallenge 

and the hashtag #TAGPieChallenge2020 when you participate!

You can also click on that link to find out more about our ministry! 

Most importantly: HAVE FUN! 

On your marks... Get set... PIE!!!

1. Either donate or post a video of you getting pied (or both!)

2. Nominate others to do the same.

3. Pass it on!

Get your photo or video featured here! 

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