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November 2019 - Show CLOSED

Written by Erin and Jeremy Phillips from The Faithful Troubadour Publications.

Set in 1940s Chicago, "Fractured" combines the classic novel by Robert Louis Stevenson with a big band twist...

Dr. Jekyll might have found a cure for human wickedness, but things begin to run amuck when Mr. Hyde shows up in town. While his random criminal acts and violence are counted as nothing unusual by the police, Lizzie O'Connell - an aspiring investigative journalist - begins to put the pieces together. As Dr. Jekyll's experiments begin to fail and Mr. Hyde grows more powerful, Lizzie is the only one who might be able to solve the mystery before it's too late!

*Due to themes of mental illness this show is recommended for ages 10 and up*

June 2019 - SHOW CLOSED

"A Man After God's Own Heart" is an original Biblical musical by Tag Family Theatre Company, and this is the first time it will ever be performed! (And we hope the first of many!)  

This show is probably unlike any musical you've been apart of before. We would describe it as a "Play with situation appropriate music and singing, which considering it's set in ancient Jewish culture, is quite often!" The music is in both English and Hebrew, and some of the music is even taken from 3000 year old notations which possibly describe the writings of David himself. Many of the lines in the show are even taken directly from scripture, and all the lyrics in the show are Psalms! This is going to be an amazing show to be a part of! 

February 2019 - Show CLOSED

TFTC's 1940's themed fundraiser event directed by our Jr. Directors! 

Enjoy skits, music, and dance, from the 30's and 40's put on by a very talented group of young people! 

All proceeds go to helping TFTC do what TFTC does! Thank you all so much! 

November 2018 - Show CLOSED

TAG Family Theatre Company presents...

A brand new original musical, "When Night Met the Day"

Inspired by "The Day Boy and The Night Girl," a classic fairytale by George Macdonald, this faith-based musical is filled with whimsical storytelling the whole family will enjoy. 
Some might say this particular fairytale was a strange choice for a musical. It's odd, rather dark at times, and the two main characters are prisoners. But the message in this quote is why...

When we read the short story, what we saw was how God teaches us bravery in the times we're afraid. He teaches us strength in the times we're weak. He teaches us joy in the times we're falling apart. The overriding message of this show is that God works ALL things together for our good, even if it's hard to believe it at times.

No matter what dark roads we travel, or what hardships we face, we can still have hope in Christ. And we believe that's a tale worth telling! 

Interested in the inspiration? Read the original story HERE!
From our Facebook page:

We want to offer a massive THANK YOU to everyone who came to support "When Night Met The Day" this week, to all the actors who spent the last few months working super hard on their roles, and to everyone who helped out behind the scenes! We're very happy with how this production turned out, and the positive responses people gave filled us with so much joy! God provided in every way to make this show possible, moving so many mountains along the way, and the experience is one we won't soon forget.

In the near future we have hopes of recording a soundtrack of the original music with cast vocals, and editing together a DVD of the performance. We also plan on adding edits to the script that were changed throughout the rehearsal process, and prepping materials that will eventually make it possible for other theatre companies to license "When Night Met The Day" and perform it themselves! 

Lots of excitement ahead, so keep us in your prayers!

June 2018 - Show CLOSED

TAG Family Theater Comany is honored to bring 5 Lantern Productions' "Esther: the musical" to Eau Claire, WI this spring! Watch as the dramatic story of Queen Esther of Persia is brought to life, leaping off the Biblical page in vibrant color. 

When Queen Vashti refuses to go before the King, she is banished, and a call for a new queen is sent out throughout the Empire. A young Jewish woman, Hadassah, joins all the other women at the palace for a year of preparation before going before the King. Chosen Queen, she becomes the last hope for her people, the Jews, to be saved from the scheming of a jealous noble, Haman. To do so, she must risk everything, including her life. 

"...And who knows whether you have not come to the palace for such a time as this?"

- Esther 4:14

From our Facebook page:

"THANK YOU to everyone who came and supported Esther! The cast and crew made so many memories, and we truly became a family. Through injuries, microphone problems, "loud Persian birds" (Blue Angels), thunderstorms, a tornado warning, and the building getting struck by lightning (you heard us), all we saw backstage were smiling expressions of faith and trust in God to pull us through. 
Another major blessing...
Over the course of three days and four performances, we raised enough funding to cover the entire budget of our next musical this fall!"

Summer 2017 - Tour CLOSED

We're bringing this show back on Film! 

We on rewrote some parts, and added all ORIGINAL music to this impactful production!

'Unmasked' is a dramatic touring* play by TAG Skit Group that uses masks as a visual object lesson on the seperation sin puts between us and Christ. 

It retells the story of the earthly ministry of Jesus, and how He saves His 

people from sin and fear. 

The curtain opens on a world ruled by Fear. Masks are worn every day, identities can be purchased, and genuine expressions are nearly impossible to come by. As Searching begins shopping for the type of mask she wants to be, she begins to wonder if she’ll ever fit into any of them, or if she’ll be sent to Outcast Prison with the rest of the unsatisfied customers. Broken, recently released from Outcast Prison after a lengthy sentence, is wondering the same thing. Both are struggling deeply to find a mask that fits. Suddenly, a prophecy arises. A book, telling stories of someone to come. Someone who won’t be wearing a mask. Someone who can offer freedom from the masks of everyone else. Someone named Love.

Summer 2015 - Show CLOSED

Back when TFTC was still TAG Skit Group, they had the honor to perform this beautiful musical, originally by Christian Theatre Pulications, TWICE during the summer of 2015. 

It impacted the cast, crew, and audience perhaps more than any other show TAG has ever done. It's beautiful re-telling of the classic book touched the hearts of everyone in the audience and will always remain one of the best and favorite TAG (and life!) memories for the cast and crew.  

From the Christian Theatre Publications Website:

"This contemporary musical, which debuted in 2009, is an adaptation of John Bunyan's classic work, Pilgrim's Progress. Using Bunyan's allegories, the play conveys biblical themes of faith, repentance, friendship, hardship, temptation, death and eternity. From feedback we've received, cast members often experience a deep spiritual journey along with the audience."

From our Facebook page:

"Pilgrim ended with hugs, smiles, and shouts of 'Praise the Lord!' from the cast yesterday! Tears were shed, and friendships were brought even closer through valuable prayer time as a team. From our family to yours, we would like to say THANK YOU to all of you for supporting us, encouraging us, and helping this vision become a reality over the past few months! All praise be to the King!"

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