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In a world ruled by Fear, no one can remove the masks that define them and keep them safe. And why would they want to? Everyone is fine! Then Broken and Searching discover a prophecy... a man is coming who will change everything, and his name is Love.

Unmasked was first performed for a test audience back in 2016, with already written songs in a "human video" black box style. We knew God wanted this to be a touring show, but felt something was missing from the story, and we wanted to wait until it was at a better creative standpoint.

Over the past few years we've been working with the advisement notes from that performance to breathe new life into the script, apply contemporary topics, and write completely original songs. The result is a dystopian show with modern music, colorful characters, and biblical answers to the questions youth ask us every day.

Ever since that first performance, audience members have been requesting the return of this impactful story. So, here we are!

Aaaaaand we're going on a youth group tour this summer! Due to possible touring schedule, auditions are only open for actors 14 and up. 

Please come prepared to read from the script. If you're interested in a solo, please prepare a 60 second excerpt from a song of your choice.


Certain characters, especially leads, have solos with rap and spoken-word poetry in them (think Hamilton). If there is a rap or poem you would like to recite, there will be time to do so during the solo audition.

We may also have a dance audition depending on the number of actors trying out. Dance styles in this show include Hip-Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Stomp, and some Classic Musical Theatre.

If you have any questions, or are interested in bringing Unmasked to your church, send us a message! 

Ready to remove your mask? Great! We'll see you at auditions!

- The TAG Team

Calvary Baptist Church Eau Claire


See you there!

Date: February 24th and 25th
Time: 6-8:30pm

TAG Familiy Theatre Company

Eau Claire, WI

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