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TAG Family Theatre Company is a group of preteens, teens, and young adults who find purpose in using theatre productions , videos, and skits to bring glory to God.

Our faith-based theatre, located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, has a passion for acting, story, and an even bigger passion for ministry.


T.A.G stands for Taking Action for God and that's exactly what we do.  Since 2011 we have been privileged to perform for festivals, fundraisers, churches, camps, workshops, and concerts, spreading Christ's love and truth wherever we go. Our team members get involved in various organizations in our community, gaining teamwork experience through serve projects and missions opportunities. These projects help us grow closer to each other, and more so, closer to God.


Most recently TAG has taken on the mantle of Eau Claire's very own ministry based theatre. We produce family-friendly theatre, in the forms of allegories, old fairytales, biblical plays, old classics, original productions, and more! We believe that deep and important topics can be discussed in all-ages appropriate ways and strive to encourage healthy conversations about God, the Bible, mental health, and how we can best honor God with our lives. ​

When we ask our cast and crew what TAG means to them, we consistently get one response: 


Our Team

TAG Family Theater Company is organized by a talented group of young adults with a passion for following God's leading.


With directors and jr. directors, one of TAG's goals is to train up the next generation of theatre creators to best serve their Creator. 

Alynzia Fenske - Executive Director & Founder

On the outside I may be the weird, sugar and decaf-coffee fueled Executive Director of TFTC, but on the inside I feel more like a little kid who gets to spend her days encouraging imagination and playing in the dress-up corner. I started acting when I was 10 years old, and fell in love with it instantly. There was no going back. Back in 2011, I started TAG as a Christian outlet for theatre. The actors involved became an incredible family, and the rest is history. When I'm not theatre-ing, I typically spends my spare time writing, reading, hiking, working as a waitress, and defeating my constant enemy: laundry.

My Favorite TAG Memory Is: 

During tech week for a show, each day before we start rehearsal we walk around the performance venue and pray over every wall, every seat, and every aisle. Usually while listening to "Clear The Stage" by Jimmy Needham. Seeing 30 actors with their heads bowed in prayer will never get old for me.

Natalya Bartelt - Director

Hi! I'm Natalya! I'm 23 years old, use too many exclamation points, and love theatre, music, writing, all things vintage, my perfect (for me) husband, and most of all my beloved Savior. I've been part of TAG since 2015 and I couldn't imagine my life without it anymore! Getting to work with my best friend, and my TAG family is a dream come true I didn't even know I had. I do a little bit of everything around here, and I can't wait to see all the adventures God takes us on next! 

My Favorite TAG Memory Is: 

I'm supposed to pick ONE!? My favorite TAG memory happens every performance, and that's when we pray around the auditorium to worship songs. It keeps us grounded, and reminds us of our true focus, the audience of One. Watching everyone pray together is the most important, and my favorite thing that we do! 

Twila Halvorson - Assistant Director

Hello! My name is Twila, and I am 17 years old. I live on a working dairy goat farm and have three sisters and one brother. I currently work at a restaurant  catering business in Whitehall. God is my rock and my fortress. Without him I would be nothing. Acting is my passion, and has been for as long as I can remember.

My Favorite TAG Memory Is: 

One of my favorite TAG memories is being able to do improv on stage during dress rehearsals and performances.

Nathaniel Bogle - Assistant Director

Hello! My name is Nathaniel, and I was born at a young age but when I was three my family of six all moved to Indonesia as missionaries. We were there for seven years, and after that we came to Wisconsin. I've always loved theater, singing, dancing, and writing, and I get to do all of that for TAG, so that's good!

My Favorite TAG Memory Is:

Probably my favorite part of TAG is the sense of family and it sounds corny but it's so true. I've only been with this group half a year now and I feel like I've known every last one of them all my life.

Caleb Fenske - Set Designer

Hey-o! I'm Caleb, and let's just say I used to be a quiet person... And then I joined TAG. I like to make lots of different things, like sets, props, foam armor, 3D printed random-ness, and anything else I can think of. When I'm concentrating on finishing something, I can go for hours without doing anything else until it's done.

My Favorite TAG Memory Is:

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