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Aly here,

Back in 2011, a 15 year old girl met with a few friends in her living room to discuss starting a skit group. Due to a lack of ideas, they ended up eating cookies instead. Thus, TAG was born.

Fast forward, almost ten years later, this group has hosted over 100 teen and young adult actors (plus a few parents as well), performed 59 times, written 2 original musicals, and seen over 50 people make the decision to follow Christ while planting seeds for (hopefully) many others. As exciting as all of that is, I can't help but realize the heart that's been impacted most through this company...is my own.

There are not enough thank yous in the entire world to express how this incredible experience has transformed my life. It's brought me better friends than I could have ever prayed for. It's helped me see God's tangible goodness and provision with new eyes. It's taught me that God always provides a helping hand if we're humble enough to ask for it (usually at the last minute, because I'm stubborn). I am who I am today because of TAG and the part my Savior allowed it to play in my life.

And this fall... we're saying goodbye.

The reasons behind this decision aren't bad. In fact, it's the total opposite. It's due to God opening several new doors for us that this one must close. Instead of saying "no" to TAG, this has felt much more like saying "yes" to several other beautiful opportunities.

Natalya and I are, of course, in a deep mourning phase currently over our beloved little theatre company. Although I've been feeling pulled toward eventually closing for the past 2-3 years, it's all suddenly very real. We'll miss the laughter and abundant amounts of hugs. We'll miss the spontaneous worship sessions, and watching actors pray for each other in the wings. We'll miss hanging out at Culver's with the cast after rehearsals, and watching characters come to life everyday.

But we also find hope in knowing this is not the end...

While Natalya has supported me in my theatre dreams for the past 5½ years, many of our usual actors are graduating and we've recently outgrown our "Teens Acting for God" title. With that reason in mind, we've come to the conclusion that Covid-19 is the perfect opportunity for Natalya's dreams to take a turn:

Starting her very own film company for movies, short films, human videos, and... filmed stage productions (without an audience this time). Natalya and I will also continue writing new shows, with the hopes of licensing them out to other theatre companies in the future.

We couldn't be more excited for what the future will hold, and official announcements for both of those new companies (film production and licensed musicals), will be coming out shortly! We'll post that information right here!

Thank you again for 9 years of love, laughter, and prayers. None of those 59 shows could have possibly happened without you! We hope you'll continue keeping us in your prayers for what's to come.

God bless!

- Alynzia Fenske

TAG Familiy Theatre Company

Eau Claire, WI

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